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Hobble Creek Debaters at the Nebo District Debate Tournament

Submitted by on Wed, 03/23/2016 - 13:09

Hobble Creek hosted the Nebo Elementary Debate Tournament.  Seventy fith and sixth grade students participated with sixty students from Mapleton Elem., Brockbank and Rees.   The issue debated this year is Do the benefits of domestic surveillance by the National Security Agency outweigh the harms.  


Speaker awards:  Shyler Mecham, Nicole Cragun, Paityn Bird, Emma Compas, Chloe Ekker, Anna Sneddon, Avery Miller, Grace Carter, Brooklyn Asbell, Savanah Butler, Mia Anderson, Ashleigh Mousser, Libby Anderson, Rie Briggs, Ben Wheeler, Jordan Jenkins, Brody Colton2nd place affirmative Rie Briggs and Ashleigh Mousser, 3rd place affirmative Libby Anderson, Ben Wheeler,2nd place negative: Shyler Mecham, Chloe Ekker, 5th place negative Brooklyn Asbell, Avery Miller.  These students have the opportunity to participate in the state debate on April 29.