Hobble Creek Read-A-Thon For The Month Of March Has Begun

Mr. Mike Johnson
Cat in the hat read-a-thon


Parents, don't be alarmed if something very strange begins to happen in your home this month....
The Hobble Creek Elementary read-a-thon has just begun for the month of March. Hobble Creek students know how to really read a lot of minutes and there are chances to win prizes. Here are a few of the details:*Teachers will send home several reading slips each week so that students can fill them in as they read.*Students are welcome to read more than their daily allotment, but all must have a parent's signature.* Students are encouraged and welcome to read on the weekends, but it's not required.*  The reading requirement is either 20 minutes (k-3) or 30 minutes (4-6).*  Students are welcome to put their reading slips into their designated boxes by the office if they choose or take to their classrooms.*  The Friday fun activity is for EVERYONE.  This activity is to help promote the love of reading. Please send a flashlight for your student to read with this Friday, the 10th bring a pillow to read with, and the 24th bring a book to swap with another student that you no longer want or need.*  We are going to give out 2 prizes each Tuesday and Thursday to keep the excitement of reading going all month long. Our first 2 winners were announced today!*  The final assembly will be as usual (lots of fun, prizes, and teachers shooting hoops), but we will be giving out reading bucks that they can use to buy a book from Mr. Johnson and he will triple their winnings for books for their class.  We are hoping the Cat in the Hat will make an appearance.  Happy reading everyone!