Hobble Creek Students of the Week: March 3, 2017

Mrs. Linda Baird
Students of the week-March 3, 2017

Drum Roll Please....we are announcing the Hobble Creek Students of the Week for March 3, 2017....These students have been working hard in class and at home getting school work done, showing outstanding citizenship, and helping their teachers as needed. We think they are soaring high.  Great job students!!!

Mckenzie Wolverton, Zander Schneck, Tate Howell, Hattie Templeman, Sophia Cragun, Joseph Berry, Gage Jensen, Melody Acosta, Maurie Hartman, Quincey Anderson, Lucy McCown, Andrew Fisher, Chase Johnston, Sampson McCausland, Easton Mousser, Elsa Christensen, Vance Winters, Samantha Stepp, Kendall Coleman, Mya Farish, and Milana Henke