October 2016

Mrs. Bingham's and Pugh's class dissecting owl pellets to examine mice and vole skeletons

Mrs. Natasha Bingham

The Hobble Creek 2nd grade classes were able to attend a presentation on Owls by Great Basin Wildlife Rescue. This was part of our study of nocturnal animals and habitats. We loved seeing the beautiful owls. We then dissected the owl pellets to examine mice and vole skeletons. Thank you for coming to Hobble Creek GBWR!

Mrs. Pugh's 2nd grade class looked through owl pellets to find rodent bones.  They matched the bones to a bone chart.  Several large skeletons were found, and lots of other bones.

Students of the week-October 28, 2016

Linda Baird

We have some terrific student Hawks that are were choosen to be our Hobble Creek students of the week.

They are Rachel Halverson, Zac Roberts, Rachel Jensen, Bryn Malden, Bridgette Murphy, Everett Oehler, Addie Christiansen, Zach Henderson, Graden Bringhurst, Scarlett Sonnenberg, Jaydon Durden, Ava Brunger, Jack Dunkley, Addilyn Glazier, Ethan Asay, Heidi Weidman, Alta Crane, Quincy Gressman, David Martin, and Jordan Jenkins.

Way to go Hawks, keep up the great work in school!

Mrs. Karen Warren, Hobble Creek Assistant Secretary

Liz Porter

Mrs. Warren is the assistant secretary here at Hobble Creek. She has worked here for 2 years. She has 4 children and is from Springville. She loves to golf and doesn't like chocolate! Her favorite snack is Joe Banditos chips and salsa. Her favorite colors are all shades of blue. She loves to read Nicolas Sparks novels. She likes vanilla cake, black licorice and Dr. Pepper. She used to work for a bank and is really good at counting money. She loves to spend time with her family and wants to learn how to ride a horse.

Mrs. Linda Baird, Hobble Creeks Head Secretary

Liz Porter

We have a great head secretary here at Hobble Creek. She has been here from the time the school opened back in 2003. She has 4 children and 8 grand children. She loves to cross stitch, read, travel and be with her grandchildren. Her favorite color is yellow and she likes Minnie Mouse. Her favorite sport is football and she really does like fruit and veggies. She is terrific at organizing and wants to become a runner. She loves to go on cruises and like to listen to Michael Buble. Make sure to say Hi to Mrs.

Students of the week-October 14, 2016

Mr. Mike Johnson

The Hobble Creek students of the week for October 14, 2016 are:

Brody Durden, Maxine Reeb, Emalyn Van Orman, Ben Cody, Danielle Bataluna, Ryder Loveland, Jack Bench, Brevin White, Benjamin Jensen, Jamieson Chiniquy, Luke Deyn, Ella Dawe, Ammon White, Emily Lindsay, Chase Dean, Wesley Brunt, Brooke Jensen, Andelin Barlow, Paige Casper. Keep up the great work students!